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Meet the team with the answer to all of your internet marketing needs.

Donny Utton
Founder / CEO
Donny in previous careers has been a security guard and qualified as a personal trainer. But these never fulfilling his dream of being a singer song writer. In the days where there is so much noise and competition to get his music heard Donny turned to learning and mastering Internet Marketing to get his name out there – very inventive and resourceful when you think about it. Donny quickly took like a duck to water with online marketing and got himself regularly booked out at weddings, birthdays, parties and bar mitzvahs (I’m not sure he has ever done one of these but had to put it in there) Donny found that his new skill set in Internet Marketing was the perfect opportunity to build a career whilst doing what he loved. So that’s what he continues to do to this day…
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Tom Smart
Tom has a history coming from a trades background, after a failed career as a trainee plumber and ceramic tiler Tom somehow stumbled into the AV sector and within a few years had his own company. As Tom’s was beginning with the leanest of lean start-ups Tom decided to take on the marketing himself. It was appalling to begin with but Tom built up his skillset and formed his niche in Local SEO and content creation which includes compelling copy writing that converts web site visitors into buyers and will also get you found and noticed online through the search engines.
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Creative Edge Marketing was formed by an opportunist meeting of Donny Utton and Tom Smart. Whilst both away on earned their qualifications and accreditations in Internet Marketing Tom and Donny met each other whilst both naturally sitting at the front of the class.

A friendship was quickly struck up and they bonded whilst talking about meta descriptions, CRM, SERP results, backlinks, conversion rates and landing pages – You know all the usual stuff when two marketers get together.

After finishing and gaining their accreditations, Donny who was already busy working as a part time internet marketer immediately got to work in laying the foundations and sowing the seeds for what would become the blossoming flower Creative Edge Marketing.

Tom was a little slower off the mark, putting his internet marketing skills to work building his own trades business. After increasing turnover, profit, leads whilst building a loyal customer base and slashing advertising costs Tom realised he was in the perfect position to help over motivated businesses do the same for their companies.

A Facebook post, a couple of coffees in Tunbridge Wells and Creative Edge Marketing was formed!

A couple of kids (well 30 somethings) just doing our best and getting a buzz from helping business grow their business online.

The rest they say is history…..