Sep 02

SEO for Electricians

By Tom | Blog

SEO for Electricians | How To Rank Your Electrical Business In Google   Are you an electrician or do you work for an electrical company and ever wondered how certain businesses websites always seem to rank high on the first page of Google?   I can assure you that if you regularly see a company […]

Jul 30

SEO for Plumbers | How To Rank Your Plumbing Company In Google

By Tom | Blog

SEO for Plumbers | How To Rank Your Plumbing Company in Google   Thank me later, here are some of the things that you will need to consider and carry out to get your page ranking in Google in your area for your plumbing company or to rank for the keyword plumbers. If you’re interested […]

Jul 29

Does SEO still work? Is SEO Dead?

By Tom | Blog

Does SEO still work? Is SEO Dead?   You must have heard the headlines. “SEO is dead!”   Now that has successfully made you spit out your cereal, tea or coffee. Let’s lay to bed this myth that SEO is dead. SEO has become far more of an active strategy which requires constant work to […]

Jul 28

Improve Your Future

By Tom | Recent Work

IMPROVE YOUR FUTURE   With IYF Trading we built a website from the ground up, we also ranked them on google for their keywords at the current time. We also offered a bonus service in which we set up a business plan, marketing strategy and email marketing campaign to capture prospective clients.